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In Canada, it is illegal to possess psilocybin and psilocin or purchase it without a prescription or license. Online dispensaries are given permits to sell in micro-doses to Canadian patients, provided they have a medical prescription. Here are a few dispensaries where you can purchase magic mushrooms online in Canada:


Mungus is an online psilocybin mushroom seller based in Vancouver, Canada that prides itself in the sale of a wide variety of 100% grown organic magic mushroom collections, ranging from edibles to microdoses.

Mungus promises discreet packaging on all their orders, supreme quality, and shoppers can enjoy free shipping when they buy products worth at least $139. Mungus Shrooms is the only online shrooms dispensary that accepts credit cards.

Shroom Bros

Another platform where you can purchase magic mushrooms online is the shroom bros. This mail order dispensary pride themselves as one of the best sellers of premium quality magic mushroom products.

They deliver their product discreetly through Xpress Post. From microdose mushroom capsules to shroom chocolates and shroom gummies, Shroom Bros have a wide variety of magic mushroom products for their Canadian customers.

Nupep Shrooms

With over a decade in the psilocybin mushroom industry in Canada, Nupep Shrooms is an online mushroom dispensary committed to offering nothing short of quality psilocybin mushrooms.

Their products are free of additives and pesticides, and they promise a safe, discreet, and seamless transaction when you shop from any of their finest blend of micro-dosed psilocybin. They have a variety of products ranging from microdose mushrooms, teas, edibles, and mushrooms. You also qualify to receive free shipping on others over $149.

Fantasy Shrooms

Fantasy Mushrooms is an online dispensary that offers a range of premium psilocybin products, including shrooms, teas, flowers, and microdoses. Some of their mushroom varieties include Albino Abery Mushrooms, Penis Evy, Golden Teacher Cubenis, and Huaulta Cubenis mushrooms.

Their products typically start from $40, and they deliver Canada wide, so you can order and have it delivered to you anywhere in Canada. They also offer free shipping for orders above $99.

Buy Mushroom Canada

Buy Mushroom Canada is amongst one of the leading sellers and destination to buy several varieties of magic mushrooms, teas, edibles, and medicinal extract. Some of their edible products include Blue Raspberry, Milk chocolates, and Grape gummy.

More than just an online dispensary that sells magic mushrooms online in Canada, they also apply the latest technology and processes to grow their own high-quality strains of mushrooms. Additionally, they offer country-wide discreet delivery of their products, and shipping is free for orders above $149.


MUNGUS offers to help people to experience the best of psychedelics within and outside the borders of Canada. With their finely processed psilocybin products produced from their premium MUNGUS MAGIC MUSHROOM collection, ranging from microdoses to edibles, you can get to enjoy your trips. At MUNGUS, they are committed to contributing to the recovery of mental health as part of our prime objectives for establishing the company. They grow our own shrooms and hence, high quality is assured and creates enjoyable and effective products. They will help you become focused, amplify your thoughts and memories, and bring you that much needed inner peace. They also give $10 off your first order of psilocybin using promo code MUNGUS10.

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