If you’re planning a psilocybe cubensis mushroom experience, there are things you must consider to get the most out of the mushroom experience.

Here are the tips for a better psilocybe cubensis mushroom experience:

1.Have a buddy

If you overdose and you’re a beginner, many things can go wrong. That’s why it’s advisable to team up with someone who has some experience with penis envy cubensis. If you’ve never taken Psilocybe cubensis penis envy before, ensure you have a sober sitter to watch over you. Your buddy should have experience with penis envy themselves. The recommended dose for a beginner is 1.25 -2 grams of the mushrooms. Penis envy cubensis can take you on an intense euphoric journey but there are risks involved if you get it wrong.

2.Understand the dosage for various levels

Because psilocybe cubensis penis envy is highly potent than regular strains, you’ll want to tread carefully to avoid being overwhelmed. For a beginner, 0.7 to 1.25 grams are enough. Experienced users can consume up to 4 grams. Anything exceeding 4 grams is an extremely large dose for penis envy. Experienced users should start their trip on an empty stomach to get the most out of a mushroom trip. Do not eat anything at least three hours before the mushroom trip. If you take psilocybe cubensis penis envy mushrooms too close to consuming food, you’re more likely to experience nausea. Also, if you choose to consume the mushrooms whole, ensure you chew properly to get psilocybin absorbed into your body faster.

3.Be in a good mental and emotional state

Penis envy cubensis, especially in high doses can trigger existing mental disorders. If you want to have a pleasant mushroom experience, you must consider your past and present psychological wellness. You don’t want to end up in a hospital bed after the experience. It’s advisable to avoid these mushrooms of there’s a history of mental illness in your family.

4.Do not mix the mushrooms with drugs

Mixing penis envy cubensis mushrooms with drugs can reduce the potency of the mushrooms and ruin the mushroom experience. Besides, it can have disastrous side effects. So do not take penis envy after drinking alcohol or taking other drugs if you want a pleasant penis envy psilocybe cubensis mushroom experience.

5.Try penis envy smoothies and teas

Instead of eating penis envy shrooms whole, you can experience a better mushroom experience by blending them or making shroom tea. Blend penis envy psilocybe cubensis mushrooms in a blender, add fruits and vegetables, and drink the smoothie so that your body absorbs the psilocybin efficiently and more quickly. To make penis envy shroom tea, boil 1 cup of water and add the shrooms. Boil for 30 minutes and drink the tea, then eat the mushrooms.

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6.Make yourself comfortable

Make sure your environment provides the comfort you need to enjoy the mushroom experience. Be in comfortable clothes, ensure the environment is quiet, and keep enough water handy to stay hydrated.

Most importantly, you must use the finest penis envy shrooms to enjoy the experience. If you want to buy top-quality psilocybe cubensis penis envy mushrooms online, go to Mungus and browse the huge selection of magic mushrooms.

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