Mungus Shrooms


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  1. LaDonna

    This is not your day time smoke unless you are able to have a nap. Beautiful buds, pungent smell and heavy smoke that would put anyone on their ass. Awesome job by the grower, this is a must try!


  2. Rabada

    This is a great strain. Has a wonderful calming effect, but yet doesn’t put you to sleep. Although relaxed, you can stay focused at work or whatever you are doing. Great strain for pain and anxiety. Taste is good, unique, yet tasty. Highly recommended.


  3. Kagiso

    Yooooooooo I looooooooved it. Last night I hit one of this about ten times wooooweeeee. But yeah you wanna keep going. This has a smooth taste but if you take too big of hull you can hack your brains out. The taste is really flavorful and the high is there as well.

    DMT (Vape and Cartridge) 1mLDMT (Vape and Cartridge) 1mL

  4. lanto

    Super fun and exciting tea flavors! It’s loose tea too so that was interesting. I am not too much of a tea drinker so I think I was expecting the flavors to be a bit sweeter or more flavorful but for someone who likes tea, this brand has great options.

    Pomegranate Shroom Tea  | 1 GRAMPomegranate Shroom Tea | 1 GRAM

  5. Taisce

    You can ease your nerves by having a peach tea. It’s my remedy for migraines and stress :-D. what’s your pick for a good relief??

    Peach Shroom Tea  | 1 GRAMPeach Shroom Tea | 1 GRAM

  6. Yalitza

    It’s so flavorful. Some of the time I include vodka. I use around 2 sacks one after another to make a stronger flavor, for about a gallon of tea.

    Sangria Hibiscus Shroom Tea  | 1 GRAMSangria Hibiscus Shroom Tea | 1 GRAM

  7. Hagar

    Tried this product and I need to state that I am completely intrigued. I had 1.5 grams and I went on a great ride. It set in decently fast within thirty minutes and afterward off I went! The fundamental impact went on for about 90 minutes. The reversal was decent with no queasiness. Excellent product!!!

    FunGuy – Assorted Gummy Bears 3000mgFunGuy – Assorted Gummy Bears 3000mg

  8. Fadey

    S.U.P.E.R… Buy them, seriously and buy more than you think you need because you’re going to love tripping on these and will definitely come back for more. Kicked in after 20m for both trips so far. Start low for sure, very intense heavy-hitting, fantastic visuals, and really lovely come down.

    Cambodian Cubensis | Psilocybin MushroomCambodian Cubensis | Psilocybin Mushroom

  9. Vardinon

    Just wow! these were intense hard-hitting mushrooms. 3 grams and you are going to have a good ride full of visuals and lots of laughs.

    B+ Cubensis | Psilocybin MushroomB+ Cubensis | Psilocybin Mushroom

  10. Caley

    Cherished it! I took 3.0g and I gave my better half 2.5g. It took 1 hour to kick in and afterward we put on spa music with cascade impacts, layed down in bed, and what a delightful outing we had, quiet, loose, we were entirely fine and had the option to control ourselves. Lasted around 3-4hours. Loving it!!!

    Penis EnvyPenis Envy

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