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Wedding Crasher

Wedding Crasher was Created by a crossbreed of Purple Punch and Wedding Cake.

Though categorized as a hybrid, around 45 percent of this plant contains Indica properties. It’s a THC content up of 20 percent while using minimum CBD content.

Taste, Aroma, and Appearance

Covered in a wealthy and apparently thick loaf of trichomes, the buds of Wedding Crashers may be somewhat resinous and difficult to break apart by hand. A grinder is recommended when developing a serving of the hybrid.

The buds of Wedding Crashers provide a deep skunky and diesel fuel-like odor, with undertones of vanilla. Some users have examined its taste to be somewhat spicy with a hint of vanilla to the exhale.

Medical Benefits

This breed can consume up to 20 percent THC content that could vary somewhat from 1 bud into another. It does not have any high CBD content, but it ought to be noted that a rather great high is generated.

Wedding Crasher strain isn’t broadly known for its medicinal effects. It isn’t widely used for medical purposes. It may be possible that it might assist people with pain, headaches as well as chronic body pain. With its high level of THC. Averaging from 12-20percent there’s some possibility for it to assist in treating the following Anxiety, irritability, nausea or appetite loss, and swelling.

Flavours: Sweet, Earthy, Vanilla

Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric, Uplifted, Creative

Medical Benefits: Stress, Depression, Pain, Insomnia, Lack of Appetite



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  1. Jim Ben

    I start getting depression by staying at home and seeing same people all the time, to avoid that I take medically prescribed high… it has become my all-time favorite high to avoid stress and depression. Love the lovely stuff!

  2. Gavin Andrew

    I come across this and had never heard of it before. Nevertheless, this is extremely inspirational and concentrated, and it makes me feel like I should seriously tackle crime like a true superhero or anything similar. It smells just like a newly plucked tropical tree fruit. Strongly advised!

  3. Joe Smith

    A buddy prescribed this strain to me when I was in a lot of pain for several days. I rolled a huge blunt that was completely pointless, but I was in a lot of pain. I was almost absolutely pain-free in five minutes. However, it lacks the sedative properties of a solid Indica. I was calm and, to be honest, eager to face the day.
    I would prescribe it to someone who is in discomfort. One of my favorite aspects of cannabis as treatment is that there is a variety for any illness under the sun. Wedding Crashers, on the other hand, wins my respect for pain relief. Good luck with your meditation!

  4. Sebastian

    “I smoke heavily through the day to better treat my severe depression and other symptoms. My new favorite activity is Wedding Crashers!! It improved my control, inspiration, attitude, efficiency, imagination, and so on. I like to get suspicious (like in nearly quite often), so I did get a little paranoid, but I didn’t have any paranoia or other unpleasant side effects. I give it a high five!”

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