Treasure Island | Sativa

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Grade: AAA

Type: Sativa dominant


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This item: Treasure Island | Sativa
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Treasure Island


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4 reviews for Treasure Island | Sativa

  1. Emma Emma

    I really love this stuff it makes me giggly and happy with the first puff! Grab your happiness!

  2. Harrison Wesley

    It’s very, very faint on this strain. Fade to the point where you no longer feel “high.” This was done by vaping it as well as smoking a cup of it. What is the result? At first, I felt I was in a calm mood, but not too preoccupied. Amazing strain highly adorable!

  3. Ollie Louis

    The mind sensation is mild and shallow, but the cumulative result is a heavy body high. Perfect for first-time smokers, those who are put off by the fear that Sativa-dominant strains may induce, or clinicians seeking relief from illness and fatigue.

  4. Peter Stanley

    If you do not want the sleeping symptoms of a heavy Indica or the anxiousness of even intense edibles, this strain is ideal for relaxation in the evening. This hybrid has a throaty hit as well as a mild flavor. I like to smoke this bud from a liquid hookah…

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