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*VERY POTENT* Penis Envy Dino Magic Mushrooms


Buy Mungus Shrooms Penis Envy Dino Shrooms 

 Penis Envy Dino often get addressed as APES but Dino Shrooms are different as they are golden, short, stalky and dense but defiantly do add in the APES potency level of magic mushrooms!


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Penis Envy Dino Magic Mushrooms

Penis Envy Dinosoften get addressed as APES but Dinos are different as they are golden, short, stalky and dense but defiantly do add in the APES potency level of magic mushrooms! Penis Envy Dino are currently the strongest and MOST POTENT magic mushrooms available at Mungus Shrooms. The coloration reflects its potency, as many mushrooms are heavily bruised blue and cross mutation of penis envy shrooms making them very strong. 1Gram is defiantly all that is needed for a good experience!

Its effects include lots of vivid visual stimulation, intense uncontrollable laughter and euphoria along with periods of deep introspective and philosophical thought.


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3.5G, 7G, 14G, 28G

26 reviews for *VERY POTENT* Penis Envy Dino Magic Mushrooms

  1. Leah Ackerman

    Short but very potent high

  2. mrpapiray

    Very potent. took around 2 grams. they are small but don’t let that fool you. Very good buzz.

  3. Anonymous

    They may look crazy odd like they grew with a viral infection… Don’t let that deter you. These are the strongest, yet happiest, little rock hard goombas I have encountered yet!

  4. Anonymous

  5. Anonymous

    100% satisfied and impressed with the product and would recommend to others

  6. Carol Wainman

    Best mushrooms I have ever done.

  7. Carol Wainman

    Awesome my favorite

  8. Carol Wainman

    Potent =)

  9. Carol Wainman

  10. Tamara Fisher

    Great trip Im on ???

  11. James I.

  12. John

  13. Anonymous

  14. Marc G.

    Oh wow! The more potent shroom I have took. Very very good. 2-2.5 g and you fly lol.

  15. Anonymous

  16. Anonymous

  17. Anonymous

    The PE were great? best I have had and the bonus GT was a awesome surprise and is much appreciated. I ordered a pen and cartridge a few months back the pen worked but cartridge did not work I reached out for help with no reply or concern. I do recommend mungus even though I received a faulty cartridge. They are otherwise a over all good place to buy medicine and they carry good quality products from my experiences.

  18. Gershwinning

    Excellent. Enjoyable high both mentally and physically, and while no magic mushroom is going to taste ‘good,’ these ones are a bit less wet-gym sock flavour compared to, say, Blue Meanies.

    I’d recommending lowering your typical dose by half/a full gram. My first trip I took my usual dosage, and it wasn’t a pleasant time. Take that with a grain of salt though, since I am not as experienced a user as most folks on this site.

  19. Andree

    From experience, start slow lol! Im used to shrooms, and second time trying these and I had an outer body experience, my boyfriend had a bad trip. I love these but be prepared for an entire body orgasm, and your mind to be bent. When I closed my eyes I was in a colorful space calm floating in God knows where. My boyfriend was lost in his fears and anxiety. Be in a good mental place or stick to a milder strand. A+ in my books.

  20. Steve

  21. Aaron S.

    Absolutely amazing product and service, thank you!

  22. Raza C.

    Did 3g and was in and out of visions for almost 5 hours. Extremely potent product! Thanks Mungus for the extra gift ? greatly appreciated.

  23. Sharon

    Always happy with these!

  24. Pierre-Luc Home

  25. James Le Moine

  26. lastnamefirstname135

    very potent, short lasting, very visual and pattern-based experience.

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