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Mazatapec Magic Mushroom


Best Mazatapec Mushrooms in canada

The true OG of mushrooms, this powerful catalyst of ancient tribal ritual still has many worlds to reveal to modern psilocybin enthusiasts. Effects include creativity, euphoria, joy, spiritual, and visual hallucinations.


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Mazatapec Magic Mushroom

Mazatapec shrooms is a subtype of magic mushrooms that is like to the psilocybe fungi. Used in ancient times by the peoples of South America. also, Mazatapec Mushrooms have a long and storied history of spiritual meaning. Users report active yet reflect mood with a general body buzz., that gives way to frequent open-eye graphics, featuring lots of colors, shapes, pattern transforming, and sometimes auditory visions. As the trip goes on, some users describe a loss of ego. It can be humbling and awe-inspiring, and others have reported skilled the unlocking of long-forgotten childhood memories. The trip can be spiritual, and for some, profound and emotional. Today, Mazatapec Cubensis is one of many species of psilocybin mushrooms that many people rely on for exploring their consciousness and supporting their mental health.


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6 reviews for Mazatapec Magic Mushroom

  1. Blake G

    If the Mexicana Mushrooms aren’t enough for you, then you should try these Mazatapec Mexicana Mushrooms. So beautiful and equally effective, smooth trip all the way.

  2. bjornson.kara

    Came in a week, well packaged & good quality, im happy

  3. Jenn Martin

    Thank you guys so much for the amazing service and great quality of your products. I personally love the Mazatapec mushrooms as well as the regular Mexicana shrooms and I would recommend them to anyone.

  4. Jimmy Mumford

    I’m so happy I found Mungus to be very honest. I’ve been searching for a reputable store where I can get my mushrooms regularly and safely and they provide that for me very well. Really enjoyed having the Mazatapec Mexicana Mushrooms as well, they were a treat.

  5. Nicole Hall

  6. Raza C.

    Haven’t tried yet I will update once I do.

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