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GWM Great White Monsters


Buy the best GWM Great White Monsters in canada

Great White. Monster Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis) GWM are an albino shroom named for the unique rusty white spores they deliver. Great for the outdoors, this euphoric strain really intensifies nature walks, beach trips, and backyard BBQs. Overall this is the most potent and amazing trip!


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GWM Great White Monsters

When our customers are looking to buy something different when it comes to magic mushrooms, the Great White Monsters variety always satisfies. Standing out among the golden hues of most magic mushrooms, these albino shrooms provide the same potency as their cousins. With a snow-like white cap and stem, there is an innate feeling of purity and cleanliness is their aesthetic.


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12 reviews for GWM Great White Monsters

  1. Jackson. L

    WOWWWW! THEY ARE MONSTER SIZE. look really amazing. I have not tried them yet but I read great reviews online on their reddit. Keep everyone posted !

  2. Kelly M

    Great product. I took 2 grams of these and had a very nice and enjoyable trip. Highly recommend.

  3. Trevor O’Connor

    Bought 14 grams and my first trip was probably 3.4 -4 grams and i had nice auditory and visual distortions and they make you nice and happy.
    My second trip, well lets just say i ended up ingesting the remaining 10 grams and i went on the most amazing psychonautic voyage I’ve ever been on. I was tapped into everything and everything could be done at my will, as long as it was with love. I was so in tune that i could control my fear of the dark and walk in the pitch black woods with only a feeling of peace and absolute love for everything. My only regret was not cutting or breaking the huge stems so I didn’t end up with indigestion right as I was starting to fall asleep in my tree tent and having to vomit to stop the burning. But other than that rather obvious mistake on my part i really enjoyed these “Monsters” and look forward to my next psychonautic adventure. These are perfect for meditating in nature, you will feel a sense of true connectedness to all you can sense around you. Your senses are very active and pick up all kind of things that trigger great emotional feelings of oneness

  4. yann_julien

    I don’t even understand how people were able to take 3 grams and more of these shrooms !! I never even took one gram and it was almost too much every time! I gave some to my friends and they all said it was the strongest shrooms they had ever take! Highly recommand ?

  5. Anonymous

  6. Desmond Haynes

    I have eaten mushrooms before yet this was the first mushroom trip for my girlfriend at the seaside and it was extraordinary. Unstoppable giggles in the waves.

  7. Shamilia Connell

    I’ve had great encounters with Great White Monsters. It’s my number one strain up until now. Simply Astonishing! I cherished the taste. The legs have a taste like cheese! This is certainly an insightful one.

  8. C. Lloyd

    Extraordinary for a high trip. My friends tried for the first time and had an extraordinary time giggling their heads off.

  9. Andrii K.

  10. Johnny F.

  11. Simon

  12. Carol Wainman

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