Durban Poison | SATIVA

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Calm, Energized, Productive and Uplifted

Can Help With:

Anxiety Depression, Chronic Pain and Nausea



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This item: Durban Poison | SATIVA

Durban Poison | SATIVA

Mungus Durban Poison sativa strain that is known for its sweet smell and energetic, euphoric high. Durban Poison has a very psychedelic high that is great if you’re looking to stay productive and enhance creativity or just looking to have a good laugh. The high is very fast acting and heavy-hitting and gives users a mobile and active high that’s as enjoyable at a party as it is at alone, accomplishing creative or mundane tasks.



14G, 28G, 3.5G, 7G

2 reviews for Durban Poison | SATIVA

  1. Grayson Hyne

    It’s a total love! Very solid high, It will inspire you to be more imaginative, enthusiastic, and euphoric. I’ve never had an issue with this strain, make use of your good energy for the day!

  2. Alice Mason

    “Durban Poison” is my idea of nice energizing midday high. You retain your concentration with some additional imagination and before you realize its time just passes away with added efficiency on the sleeve.

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