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Cotton Candy Kush | Sativa


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C0tton Candy Kush | Sativa

Cotton Candy Kush experience is uplifting, relaxing,  and euphoric, treating stress and depression by lifting you off your feet and bringing out your inner youthfulness. Being a sativa, it does not make users paranoid, anxious or dizzy. Cotton Candy Kush is defiantly for a great day and users feel much happier.

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4 reviews for Cotton Candy Kush | Sativa

  1. Dominic Carson

    Perhaps it’s just because this is the first time in a long time that I’ve actually paid attention to how I experience whenever I’m high. Or I’m Just a little high. In any case, I’m feeling fantastic right now. Amazing Stuff! 5 Stars!

  2. David Milo

    This glorious strain is perfect for regaining control after a stressful condition. In any case, this strain will make you as cold as stone.

  3. Ray Charlie

    This is the most beautiful bud I’ve ever seen. Nice and flowery smoke, flowers that taste more like candy, and the ideal balance of blissed body and enabled a relaxed mind. The buds are thick, and the petals vape excellently; it almost seems as though the herb should be smoked… I strongly advise you to spend a day at home taking this high to reflect on life and the universe!

  4. Vince Adam

    It’s a pleasant Sativa, and I prefer using it during the day… It keeps my thoughts peaceful and my body free of discomfort! 

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