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Amazonian | Psilocybin Magic Mushroom


Buy the best Amazonian Mushrooms in Canada

The Amazonian is the perfect psilocybin mushroom for an intense visual trip with close friends. When looking at various sites, you will notice that the Amazonian generate some of the most positive experiences.


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Amazonian Psilocybin Magic Mushrooms

The Amazonian is the perfect psilocybin mushroom for an intense visual trip with close friends. When looking at various sites, you will notice that the PES Amazonian generates some of the most positive experiences.

Experienced shroomers have titled this gift of nature as a versatile cubensis – great for all situations and occasions.

The Amazonians are known for their big and meaty toad. You can expect big and fleshy mushrooms with an average height of over six inches, with some even hitting 12 inches. The mushrooms grow around, chestnut brown, sometimes scaled caps.

The caps often have pronounced nipple in the center and its diameter can go from one to two inches with convex surfaces when it matures. When they start to form, the cap color is dark red and as it matures, the dark red will only remain in the middle of the cap.

They are known to form very interesting and exotic shapes, truly living up to its name – Pacific Exotica Spora Amazonia

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13 reviews for Amazonian | Psilocybin Magic Mushroom

  1. Allan M

    AMAZING effects. wow crazy visuals and i only took 2grams. I take shrooms every 2 months and this has been one of the best strains. Great work mungus!

  2. Nancy M

    Super fast delivery to Ontario! was here in 2 days and the magic mushrooms were fantastic ? Thank you Mungus!

  3. Kelsey

    Great strain, really potent

  4. Hunter O

    I’ve tried the Golden teacher, penis envy and the Golden emperor, but my clear favourite is definitely the Amazonian. This shroom got me way more toasted than the others. Great product Mungus have here, full 10 out of 10.

  5. Nathan U

    I’m not one to regularly drop reviews but I was quite surprised by how good this was. And I think the Amazonian shroom passes under the radar of a lot of people. It is divine, you should most definitely try it

  6. Jay SIngh

    The Amazonian shroom is one of the most underrated and underappreciated shrooms I have ever had. The shroom is so beautiful and so potent. I was tripping so hard but it felt so relaxing, the visuals were phenomenal. I loved every single moment of it.

  7. Afy Fletcher

    I took around 3 gram and had some truly excellent and splendid visuals which were truly great for that size portion I would say. Certainly would purchase these once more! Found them super inspiring.

  8. Shemaine

    Total delightful strain. So thankful for this powerful, premium uplifter. Twice as more grounded than penis-envy, a Life evolving strain/medication! Profoundly commended

  9. C. Ambrose

    Extraordinary visuals! Too strong ! I will definitely order some again…pretty soon!

  10. Joe G.

    Simple process and no issues with delivery…looking forward to the trip!!

  11. Andrii K.

    Great product and service.

  12. rosenburg1999

    Wow! Mixed these with penis envy, had an amazing trip.

  13. Jake Leo

    I wanted to have some fun with my friends over my school holiday, so I bought this amazing gift from Mungs. I went on a once-in-a-lifetime excursion with some friends… Highly recommended!

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