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Live Resin: Everything You Need to Know!

Do not confuse live resin with rosin or resin. Live resin is the newest entrant in the cannabis concentrate community. It has been only in the market for the past decade.

Many avid live resin lovers claim that it is the 'champagne of concentrates'. Live resin is unique and better than any other concentrate on dispensary shelves. It might have a similar appearance to other concentrates, but this one is a treasure! The article tackles all the questions about live resin. Keep reading to find out what's so special about this concentrate.

What Is Live Resin?

The name 'live resin' might sound unusual and strange. But wait to find out more about it before you rush to judge. Most manufacturers make cannabis concentrates using extraction methods that require extreme temperatures. Live resin is nothing like that.

Live resin is the output of freeze-drying the cannabis plant before and during the extraction cycle. Storing the cannabis plant and oil at sub-zero temperature levels retains the terpene profile.

Naturally, this process lends the live resin to have a robust aroma, taste, and effects.

Live resin originated only in 2013 back in Colorado, making it relatively new to the cannabis community. Jason Emo and William Fenger prepared it by producing an expert BHO extractor.

The process of growing live resin skips the process of drying the buds. Besides, the drying process is a tad time-consuming. So, by letting off this step, you retain those easily identifiable pungent tastes and aroma.

People can make the most out of their live resin by dabbing. The high temperatures in dabbing enhance the terpene profile. If you are looking for the tastiest dabs, this is it.

Regardless of its crumbly or waxy texture, you can dab live resin in all forms.

What Are the Properties of Live Resin?

Live resin is available in different textures and appearances. Like BHO or butane hash oil, the resulting structure depends on handling it during the extraction process. External components like excess moisture also affect the structure.

Live resin is available in forms that are as fragile as shatter and as saucy as wax. But, the less solid live resins are more commonly available. You should check with your local dispensary to see what's on their menu.

The live resin community in Canada is getting stronger every day. This live resin guide is all set to delve deeper into the realms of cannabis concentrates. Sit tight!

Taste and Flavor

As mentioned earlier, the taste and smell of live resin are distinct from its cannabis counterparts. The various flavor profiles that terpenes have adds a layer of uniqueness.

This flavor profile is only achievable when you properly conserve terpenoids, like with live resin.

The individual flavors depend on the type of strain the manufacturers used during the extraction process.

THC Content

Generally, cannabis concentrates can include 60-80% THC. And, it is not different for live resin. The potency of live resin is similar to its cousins. It also captures the complete chemical profile and results in more potency.

Many people claim that the high terpene levels offer a boosted potent and enhanced overall high. Considering that, live resin is not for people who are new to the cannabis community.

User's Accustomization

So, before you dive into this intense extract, make sure you have some practice and experience with cannabis. Also, some people might find it challenging to cope up with the synergic effects of live resin for the first time.

You might be wondering how long the live resin stays in your system. Well, that depends on how an individual's body metabolizes THC and the method of consumption.

Live resin can stay in your system for months with dabs and their high concentration of THC. On your first few dabs, the substance might pass through the body quickly and only leave THC for a couple of days.

How Is Live Resin Made?

Here are some points to walk you through the making process of live resin:

  • The production method of live resin differentiates it from budder, crumble, shatter, and other concentrates
  • Unlike other concentrates, live resin does not follow the typical moisture-drying process. It uses frozen flowers and sub-zero temperatures for the extraction process
  • When the plant undergoes chemical-based solvent or alcohol extraction, the resulting is live resin. This process separates the natural oil from the plant
  • When the manufacturers soak the buds in butane or other solvents, it destroys the plant matter. Also, it simultaneously preserves all cannabis concentrates like terpenes and cannabinoids
  • Post-separation, the manufacturers purge the remaining oil of leftover solvent. This step helps to ensure safety and purity. After this process, the live resin is left untouched to develop a shatter-like appearance. The manufacturer’s light-stir or mix it to create a waxier structure
  • You must know that making live resin at home is not safe. The extremely difficult process has led to many fatalities and fires. Proper extraction requires intensive safety and equipment worth hundreds of dollars. It is better to leave this process to the professionals. So this was the process of how to make live resin
  • Live Resin – Shelf Life and Storage

    Below are some pointers that will give you a fair idea about live resin shelf life and storage:

  • Due to its high terpene content, we do not recommend leaving live resin on the shelf for prolonged periods. The more you expose the terpenes to air, the quicker the terpenes will start to disintegrate. It will eventually lose its aroma and flavor. But, you can store live resin for up to a year before the concentrate spoils
  • If you plan on storing your live resin before dabbing it, make sure to keep it in the dark and cold spot. Most people choose spots like freezers or fridges to store live resin. Another important storage step is to label them. It will ensure that it doesn't end up in the wrong hands
  • It is ideal for storing your live resin in an airtight container. Vacuum-sealed jars are the best solution for live resin storage. These containers can reduce spoilage and retain aroma and taste
  • Also, we do not recommend switching the storage spot of your live resin. Changes in the environment can result in the deterioration of the composition of live resin
  • Best Ways to Enjoy Live Resin Are you confused about how you should consume live resin? Here are some suggestions for you:
  • There are a few ways to smoke live resin. One of the most effective ways is dabbing. The extremely high temperatures for dabbing allow you to experience the true potential of the concentrate. Dabbing also enhances the terpene profile
  • Depending on the structure, the live resin can be a tad tricky to handle. Adding them into joints or onto bowls might be challenging. Plus, you might not heat bowls and joints as you do with your dabs. While heating is possible, it won't be as great as a rig
  • The other method to get the best potency and taste out of your concentrate is to vaporize it. You can add it to your vape pen or put it on a standing vaporizer. It is one of the best solutions for how to smoke live resin. Besides, vaporizers have the right tool and heat setting to make handling and inhaling easier
  • It is better to start small when it comes to dosage. Even a small dab can deliver intoxicating and intense effects. So, before you go ahead and try a bigger dosage, see how your body reacts
  • Overdosing will lead to a bad high. In short, don't underestimate resin! Starting slow and small can help your body cope with resin and allow you the best experience ever
  • Live Resin vs. Other Cannabis Products

    This section will help you understand how live resin fares against other cannabis products. Keep reading and compare your favorite cannabis concentrates!

    Live Resin vs. Resin

  • The term 'resin' might sound very similar to 'live resin.' But, you must know that the two of them are quite different. If you check your cannabis plant through the microscope, you'll spot that it has countless transparent glands. These glands are what produce resin. When you dry and cure these glands, it turns into kief
  • The resin contains a high concentration of psychoactive marijuana and terpenes
  • On the other hand, live resin is simply the frozen bud. Frozen buds preserve all cannabinoids, terpenes, and natural oils
  • You can dab both resin and live resin. What's more, live resin tends to cost more than your standard resin. Additionally, finding live resin isn't exactly easy
  • Live Resin vs. Rosin

  • You must not make the mistake of confusing rosin with resin and live resin. Rosin is another form of cannabis concentrate. However, manufacturers adopt a more safe and rudimentary extraction process
  • To extract rosin, you need to apply heat and pressure. You do not need any solvent for the process. Some people make rosin back at their home with a hair straightener. The THC concentrates in rosin are the same as live resin. But, rosin is technically more natural as it discards the use of solvents
  • Live Resin vs. Cannabis

  • Cannabis and live resin have properties that are poles apart. You'll be surprised to know that live resin is the direct product of cannabis flowers. Live resin had more concentration and higher THC levels than cannabis flowers
  • A good quality live resin might have as much as 95% THC concentration. Even the best quality and most luxurious cannabis won't contain more than 30% THC. Owing to this potency, highs from live resin typically last longer
  • Though live resin has a strong aroma and flavor, weed edibles are much more flavor-packed. It is because, with edibles, the other flavors often suppress the cannabis taste. The ingredients mask the terpene flavor profile
  • The edible weed high will last longer than that of live resin, with strongly felt effects throughout your body
  • Yes, weed edibles are more potent and more concentrated than regular flowers. The flower used to create the edibles lose a chunk of their THC content when baked or cooked. As a result, live resin is more potent than your THC edibles
  • As we earlier mentioned, the most significant difference between other concentrates and resin is the extraction process. Live resin flowers do not need a drying period before extraction
  • Instead, the flowers for live resin are frozen before initiating the process. Except for this concentrate, no other concentrate uses this process
  • Live resin is available in different forms. But, you might not easily come across live resin shatter. It is because achieving the glass-like consistency with live resin might not be possible
  • Live Resin – Benefits

    Do you want to know the uses and benefits of live resin? Take a look at the pointers below:

  • High concentrations of CBD and THC make live resin a great remedy for alleviating pain. Studies suggest that CBD oil in high levels, also when mixed with THC, mimics the properties of multiple types of medications. Live resin's medical properties stretch from antipsychotic to anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Concerning the physiological benefits of live resin, most cannabis lovers consume it to relieve muscle pain and chronic joint aches. Studies also found that CBD targets the body's glycine receptors, thereby reducing inflammation
  • Glycine transports the pain alerts from the brain throughout your body. CBD binds with these receptors to prevent the body from absorbing amino acids. It can prevent you from feeling pain as intensely as you would have felt. Trust us; it can give you better relief than aspirin
  • We can also vouch for the psychological benefits of live resin. It is helping a lot of people with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and sleep disorders. CBD affects the cannabinoid receptors in your brain to fight symptoms of psychosis
  • Due to the high THC levels in live resin, over-consumption might make you feel anxious and panicked. If you have a history of mental disorders, you should be careful of the dosage
  • Ongoing studies concerning terpenes are trying to understand what high concentrations can do for your cannabis experience and overall high. Some people suggest that terpenes can augment medicinal as well as psychoactive properties. If it is true, then live resin can be more useful than other concentrates
  • Live Resin – Potential Side Effects

    People who get high with live resin claim that it delivers the most blissful and unique experience. But, live resin is not as sorted as you thought.

    You can easily overdose and find yourself uncomfortable due to the high concentration of THC and high potencies. When consumed in an oversized dab, the feeling of vomit and nausea is common.

    Some people also feel panicked, but it is one of the rare side effects. You can easily dodge these side effects by consuming live resin in controlled proportions. In our ‘how to smoke live resin tips’, over-consumption is a big no-no. But, if you accidentally overconsume, don't panic. The good news is you can't overdose on live resin.

    You should remind your mind and body that this feeling is temporary and will fade in a few hours. You may also munch on snacks or drink water to keep things normal. In short, do anything that distracts your mind.

    You can talk to someone around you or take a quick nap. These activities can help bring your mind and body back to normalcy and tame your high.

    Where to Buy Live Resin


    You can purchase live resin from a local cannabis dispensary or find it online. However, with live resin, be prepared to spend more than you usually do on other concentrates. As compared to other shatters and waxes, live resin is priced higher. After all, live resin is the champagne of cannabis concentrates. A small gram of crumble can cost you anywhere between $20 to $40. Shatter can cost a little higher than crumble. But, the live resin will make you shell out at least $100 per gram.

    However, this rate is only for the best quality live resin. You can get live resin for $60 to $80 per gram at your local dispensary.

    If you don't want to step out of your home, you can try out online cannabis dispensaries. These online dispensaries are the best place to buy legalized marijuana.

    A website like Cannabis Canada allows you to choose all your favorite cannabis concentrates. The website will deliver discreetly packed cannabis concentrates right to your doorstep.

    Thanks to online weed dispensaries such as Cannabis Canada, you don't have to struggle to find the perfect gram.

    Hopefully, this live resin guide helped you to equip yourself with this newest cannabis concentrate. Now that you know all about live resin, you have more variety of cannabis concentrates!

    Closing Thoughts

    When you consume live resin, remember to take it slow and see how it affects you. Too much live resin is like walking on thin ice.

    But, the perfectly-proportioned live resin dan can take your experience to the next level. Use live resin in limitations. Dabbing live resin now and then can enhance your cannabis journey.

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