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Music And Psychedelics

Psychedelics And Music

Music and psychedelics have an inherent relationship. Music is naturally able to stimulate something unique in our brains, and the use of psychedelics only helps to boost this even more. Sound is able to act together with touch and sight, and this helps in freeing the deep feelings and suppressed emotions we have stocked in […]

What is Psychedelic Therapy?

Psychedelic therapy is a kind of therapeutic technique involving using psychedelics substances to aid the process of therapy. Hallucinogens have been used for spiritual services and medicine by several cultures in the world for centuries. Now, you can get yours easily when you buy shrooms Canada from Mungus. There were several great studies into the use of psychedelics […]

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At Mungus, we sell the highest quality psychedelics at the lowest prices. We also deliver our products to all locations across Canada. You will find it very easy to buy shrooms online from our website because we ensure that all orders are processed quickly and efficiently. So you will never find it difficult to get what you […]

Psychedelics and Music

Psychedelics And Music

There is an intrinsic relationship between psychedelics and music. Music works more effectively than any other kind of stimuli to trigger something special in our brains that becomes significantly elevated after consuming psychedelics. Sound blends with touch and sight, and this leads the way to intense feelings and deep emotions igniting in our brains. Music […]

Making Psilocybin Mushroom Tea

Mushroom Tea

Making tea is great with psilocybin mushrooms. There’s almost no better way to enjoy the thought-provoking and introspective benefits of magic mushrooms. You can try it out yourself and buy shrooms Canada. If you want a more relaxed way to dose your magic mushrooms that are different from the regular way like taking it as a […]


Murakami Mushroom 2

Magic mushrooms are intriguing. They have numerous shapes they can take. As much as they can nourish, they can also poison. They can harm at the same rate with which they can heal. Your meal can attain a new level with them, or shrooms can take your mind to a whole new dimension. They’re puzzling […]

Psychedelic Art in the Past and Present

Psychedelic Art in the Past and Present Online

A few decades have generated a distinct visual style as iconic as psychedelic art in the 1960s. A single glimpse at a legendary psych album cover or gig poster can transport the observer to San Francisco during the Summer of Love. While psychedelia drew inspiration from previous movements such as Art Nouveau, Surrealism, and Pop […]

Surviving A Difficult Psychedelic Trip

Surviving A Difficult Psychedelic Trip - Mungus Shrooms Dispensary Canada

This is a detailed guide on how to work through a difficult trip on psychedelics. Having to go through a difficult trip is one thing that many people who are new to psychedelics fear. Although you can personally try to avoid a bad experience, there are some things you can put in place to help […]