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Quebec is majorly a French speaking province which is unique when compared to other provinces in Canada. Quebec is the exact place where the spectacular show and organization Cirque du Soleil began in the 1980’s.These shows can be enjoyed alongside the fresh taste of high quality mushroom products. Quebec is blessed with the beauty of nature, parks (national and provincial) and beautiful cities waiting to be explored.

There are so many exciting places to purchase magic mushrooms in Quebec and some of them are;

Buy Shrooms in Montreal, QC

Montreal is the second most populous municipality in Canada and has the largest population in the whole of the Quebec Province. It is highly revered for being the centre of commerce, technology, finance, art, culture, education, food and fashion which makes it a must visit for tourists and keep the streets teeming and bubbly. Montreal is a very fascinating and magical place to tour most especially on foot as you get a better view of the city. Some of the places that you should visit if you ever find yourself in Montreal are; Notre-Dame Basilica, Old Montreal and the Mount Royal Park. These places provide spectacular sights, views and history. You can as well entertain yourself by watching a game of Montreal Canadien Hockey. Please do try the legendary smoked meat sandwich from Schwartz’s deli which is a taste of heaven by the way. You can also try out other special and wonderful delicacies from the numerous nice eating places in the city.

Buy Shrooms in Quebec City, QC

Quebec City is the second biggest city in the Quebec province and it is also the capital of the province. It is quite small when compared to Montreal but it has a larger old town which still provides opportunity for exploration especially if you are interested in the picture perfect backdrop that the towns view give. Old Quebec is a world heritage site of UNESCO and you really do not want to give up an opportunity to visit this town. Quebec City is considered to be the most European city in North America a notion that is strongly upheld by the presence of cobblestone streets and European architectural designs. While in the city, you should visit Montmorency Falls, Jacques-Cartier National Park as well as other attraction sites in the city.

Buy Shrooms in Mont-Tremblant, QC

Mont-Tremblant is a city located just one and half hour drive from Montreal or Ottawa found in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec. It is mostly recognized for its Ski Resort which happens to be rated #1 in Eastern North America although apart from the Ski Resort the city still has a lot more to offer. There are so many activities to be engaged in if you ever decide to take a trip out there especially in the summer some of which are; fishing, golfing and cycling. When thinking of taking a mushroom trip or going on a mushroom shopping spree, Mont-Tremblant is a perfect choice as you will definitely enjoy lots of other activities while you do your shopping. If you need to take a vacation to a beautiful place Mont-Tremblant should be your choice.

Buy Shrooms Gatineau, QC

Gatineau is number four on the list of cities in Quebec as regard to size. It is an average of two hour drive to the west of Montreal but only fifteen minutes from Ottawa. It is a city that is very rich in history and has beautiful and exceptional architectural designs. It is one of the best places to go magical mushroom shopping. While in Gatineau, you should definitely visit; the Canadian war museum, the Royal Canadian mint and other places of importance and historic values. If you ever need to bask in the beauty and serenity of nature, you should pay a visit to the Gatineau Park.

Buy Shrooms in Sherbrooke, QC

After Gatineau, Sherbrooke is the next largest city and is less than a two hour drive distance east of Montreal. It is significantly a cultural city and happens to be the primary centre for industries and education in the province. There are a lot of nice places to be visited in the city if you are interested in some magic mushrooms shopping and exploration. You should visit places like the Magog Lake, the Capelton Mine and Mont-Orford National Park. During the summer, there is always enough fun to go round as the city celebrates several festivals, concerts and events.

Buy Shrooms in Sanguenay, QC

Sanguenay is a place that we can likely call an oasis because it sits on the Sanguenay River in the rift valley of Sanguenay Graben. It is a sight to behold as it is quite picturesque. It is recognized for the Sanguenay Fjord, which leads to the St. Lawrence River. It is a place that hold a lot of history and also has Ski and Bike trails that wind through the riverside Parc de la Riviere-du-Moulin. There are lots of places to be visited in the city and it is also a good spot for a mushroom trip. Some of these places include; Parc Adventures Cap Jaseux, La Pulperie de Chicoutimi, Musee du Fjord, Le Mont Lac Vert and so many other exciting places. The city possesses the hustle and bustle of urban life and offers amazing shows and cruises which is all you need to have and amazing and adventurous trip.

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