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Prince Edward Island (PEI) is Canada’s smallest province and is the third member of the three Maritime Province, the first and second being New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. It has the smallest landmass and the lowest population in Canada but ironically happens to be the province with the highest population density. It is located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. This Island was formerly called John’s Island but was renamed in the year 1758 while it was still under the British control. It was named after Prince Edward who was the father of Queen Victoria. This captivating and fascinating Island is a red sand province which means that they have red-sand on the shores of their beaches. If you are out to try out sea food cuisines, PEI happens to have a lot of them and they are also highly known for their light houses and farmlands. PEI is usually very comfortable in the summer but the winters are freezing, dry and windy. Prince Edward Island National Park is highly recognized for its wide and sandy beaches which serve as nice relaxation spots as you enjoy your mushrooms and nature all at the same time. Apart from surfing, you can engage in other exciting outdoor games like; biking, hiking, fishing and lots more. PEI offers lots of adventures that you definitely do not want to miss out on. Prince Edward Island is made up of different towns and we will be taking a look at a few of them.

Buy Shrooms in Charlottetown, PEI

Charlottetown is the capital of PEI and is located at the south coast of the province on Hillsborough Bay. This city is quite fascinating with the whole city/island outlook. It is a nice place to go magical mushroom shopping. Hospitality is a major value that the city exhibits. This city has a certain charm around it that makes you want to loosen up. It is an incredibly vibrant seaside city, full of historic charm and they celebrate quite a number of festivals. These festivals keep the whole town bubbly and alive. Charlottetown is an art rich city and they possess in-depth culture. You definitely do not want to miss out on their art exhibitions or musicals. There is an endless list of tourist attraction sites some of which are; the Ardgowan National Historic Site and Moonsnail Soapworks to mention a few. Being a city in PEI, popularly recognized for their assorted seafood, there are enjoyable local seafood delicacies to be tried. You might also want to check out the confederation trail that is 435km long.

Buy Shrooms in Souris, PEI

Souris is located in Kings county near the northeastern tip of the province. It is situated an absolutely stunning landscape that provides stunning view to tourists. Souris is the economic hub or base for the Eastern Kings County and it depends heavily on both land and sea which helps in the preservation of the rich fishing and farming tradition of the region. It is a charming town as the residents maintain their rural lifestyle. Some fun places or point of interest to be visited in this town are; Souris Beach Provincial Park, Souris Beach Gateway Park, Souris Harbour Authority Inc. etcetera. Souris is a very nice place for mushroom shopping as well and you get to enjoy the charming city as well.

Buy Shrooms in Stratford, PEI

Stratford is the third largest municipality in the province and is situated in Queen’s County. It is located on the southeast of Charlottetown. Stratford is a very peaceful community and they possess rich rural heritage which makes them desirable. They boast of Farmers market like some other cities and towns in PEI which should make them the next location on your travel list for mushroom shopping and they also have parks like; the Fullerton Creek Conservation Park and the Tea Hill Provincial Park. The Keppoch Beach is also readily accessible to tourists.

Buy Shrooms in Cornwall, PEI

Cornwall is also located in Queen’s County like Stratford and west of Charlottetown. It houses a multipurpose outdoor sporting facility that has been used to host many sporting events which is a must visit for sport lovers. It is a red sand region which means that it possesses red sand on the shores of its beaches. There are venues to be visited and seen like; the Rise and Climb Adventure Course, the Glen Afton Golf Course, Great George Street Historic District, The Alley and the Guild. The town also has restaurants to visit for tasty and yummy meals. They provide quality inn and hotel services to tourists as well. Some of their hotels include; Dutch Inn Hotel, Lantern House, the Great George and many more. You can also rent a home if your visit is going to be a long one.

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