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If you are yet to visit Nunavut, you are definitely missing a lot. There are a lot of beautiful things to feast your eyes on in the province. It has a peculiar environment that allows for many open-air events for merrymaking year round. The province spreads over a vast expanse of land with mountains, rivers and ski resorts. The plethora of outdoor events that constitute the fun activities within its borders makes Nunavut an exciting place to experience a magic mushroom trip. Its abundance of land, make-up and activities makes it an admirable location for a magic mushroom trip. You could go hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, boating, canoeing, kayaking, whale watching, dog sledding, mountain climbing, skiing, practicing photography or watching the night sky.

Buy Shrooms in Iqaluit, NU

Welcome to the great city of Iqaluit. This beautiful city is notable for its peculiarly ice glazed mountain tops and the scenery overall makes it a wonderful place to enjoy a shroom trip. The city has many places for sightseeing, and it hosts outdoor events and festivals e.g ALianait Arts festival as wells as the Toonik Tyme Festival. These events have a huge following due to the massive cultural integration through creative arts, handicrafts, etc. Other outdoor activities you get to enjoy on your magic mushroom experience here is a visit to the famous Nunatta Sunakkutaangit Museum. There is no better place where you can get educated about the culture and history of the city. You will appreciate the warmth and beauty of Iqaluit as you have an intriguing moment while enjoy your mushroom experience.

Buy Shrooms in Rankin Inlet, NU

This city is known for its remarkable set of artists and artisans that populate the city. It houses the only ceramic producing factory in the world. A tour of this huge facility is sure to be fascinating as you enjoy your shroom trip with your friends. You can also visit the Iqalugaarjup Nunanga Territorial Park to catch glimpses of Ancient Inuit Traditions or the Marble Island, an amazing quartzite island located northeast of Rankin Inlet (you can get there in an hour by fast boat). Another place your soul would be glad after visiting and your eyes would be pleased to behold is the Town Inukshuk, an immense 15-foot stone inukshuk, which definitely serves as a wonderful photo adventure.

Why you should buy magic mushrooms in National Parks, NU

Parks form the center of nature’s best in every city. It is important to know the ones that would best serve to make your magic mushroom trip a memorable one. There are five renowned parks in Nunavut:

  1. Auyuittuq National Park: The park is known for its zig-zag shaped skyline made by its high granite peaks and glaciers. The valleys possess sharacteristically winding waterways. The common animals found in this location are narwhals and seals (ringed). This is a recommendable place to tour on your magic mushroom trip in Auyuittuq.
  2. Qausuittuq National Park: The park comprises of a a number of islands in an ice frozen sea. It is the home of the rare Peary caribou. One of the activities you can enjoy here is bird watching. You can also go on hikes as well as taking part in ski competitions as part of your itinerary you revel in the experience of our magic mushroom
  3. Quttinirpaaq National Park: Also known for its mass of glittering ice caps that covers peculiarly jag ended black mountain peaks. The glaciers melt to form wild rivers. Partake in fun events such as skiing, hiking or rock climbing. The beauty of the resplendent nature of the park surely makes your magic mushroom trip an exciting journey.
  4. Sirmilik National Park: The park covers a large expanse of land comprising of glaciers and valleys. This is where you get to enjoy firsthand the arctic atmosphere coupled with all the exciting outdoor activities you can enjoy on your magic mushroom trip. Skiing, outdoor camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities are the things you can do to enjoy on your sightseeing tour to complement your mushroom experience and make it count.
  5. Ukkusiksalik National Park: The park is the home to endangered wildlife species e.g polar bears, the caribou and arctic wolves. The land is known for its rolling hills and beautiful tundra. You can engage in activities such as hiking and snowboating to get the best of an exciting mushroom experience all year round.

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