Wonders – Mini Pre Rolls

Wonders Mini Pre Rolls include 0.25gram of quality cannabis and arrive in a compact bunch of 10 joints.

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Wonders Mini Pre Rolls

These mini pre rolls contain 0.25gram of superior cannabis and arrive in a compact bunch of 10 joints. Mini Pre rolls are fantastic for those that want to smoke a modest joint before heading to the restaurant or maybe somebody to is a continuous smoker that needs a fast pick me up. After swallowing one joint you may realize you just require just a bit of blossom to feel the miracles. Wonders Mini Pre Rolls really are a must have to your stoner package and will become your savior when leaving the home.

INDICAS: Rockstar, Sunset Sherbet, Tuna Kush, MK Ultra, Meat Breath, Grand Daddy Purple

SATIVAS: Jack Herer, Clementine, Purple Tangie, Fruit Punch

HYBRIDS: Thin Mint Cookies, Lava Cake, Girl Scout Cookies, Bruce Banner, Crunch Berries

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