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Silverback Comatose

Silverback Comatose mixes the two Indica-dominant strains of Silverback with Comatose, making a powerful mix that is sufficiently able to take care of even the most magnificent of wilderness lords. Profoundly calming and delicious, Silverback Comatose stalks and crawls upon its prey. Impacts grab hold gradually, beginning at the appendages and progressing inwards until the whole body is calmed. Sensations of slight rapture can be felt, yet this lethargic strain sparkles when its therapeutic impacts become an integral factor. Agony, nervousness, and stress are overwhelmed effortlessly. Those experiencing a sleeping disorder will find that Silverback Comatose takes out a sleeping disorder effortlessly.

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  1. Henry Matthew

    While I consume Silverback Gorrila, I can honestly tell that it makes me extremely ecstatic. I just moved around a lot, acting very smart, and I didn’t have any of my normal sadness or distress. Highly Suggested!

  2. Ryker Carlos

    This is the one strain I can definitely rely upon for my depression or anxiety relief! It’s the best medication I can get whenever I want where ever I want! The best thing that happens to me in the entire life!

  3. Arlo Jasper

    My personal favorite Indica, particularly for treating insomnia! I wake up feeling refreshed and not drowsy the next day! Great high definitely ordering more of it!

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