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Party Pack


Enjoy Mungus Shrooms Party Pack (great for 3-5 users)

Party Pack Includes:

  • Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms 7G
  • Golden Emperor Magic Mushrooms 7G
  • Mungus Chocolate Unicorns 2x1000MG
  • 300mg Microdose 6 capsules
  • Limitless Microdose 6 capsules

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Party Pack

The magic mushroom party pack is here! Mungus party pack is great for 4-6 users and you will defiantly be knocked off your seat!

Penis Envy psilocybin cubensis is widely known as being the most potent strain!

The Golden Emperor shrooms are the best introduction to the wonderful world of psilocybes, making it the most popular to psychedelic lovers, producing everything from simple visual tracers at smaller doses to transformative and mind-altering effects at higher amounts.

These magic mushroom-infused unicorn chocolates are great for enhancing focus and for higher productivity.

300mg Microdose increase energy levels, creativity, concentration, and balance one’s mood, enlighten all senses, and get you in touch with your spiritual self.

Limitless microdose is the optimal mushroom microdose! Limitless is designed to help the body perform at its prime optimal peak, helping the body with cellular energy and cardiovascular endurance.

3 reviews for Party Pack

  1. PK

    Received this party pack the other day. Everything looks to be great quality, though I haven’t tried anything yet. Mungus included a extra/free lemon/mushroom tea bag on top of everything else. (I’m guessing it contains 1G cubensis mushrooms)

    5 stars for sure.
    I’ll follow up after I try the shrooms/chocolates/microdoses with another review.

  2. Anonymous

  3. Josh

    I am the party

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