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Nebula | Sativa


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Grade: AAA+

Type: Hybrid


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Grown from the Andromeda Galaxy, delivered onto a spaceship for your favorite dispensary, we’d love to introduce you to the trippiest breed round, Nebula. Nebula, or previously called Starcloud, is a 50/50 Hybrid grown by the group from Paradise Seeds. It is guessed the strain is a combo of US Haze and Master Widow, but sadly, this is just speculation. The recipe is guarded in a vault, presumably at another Galaxy. The Nebula breed is a mild green, fluffy marijuana. The color and bud arrangement is comparable to Jack Herer, but the scents are a world apart.

Besides the psychedelic trip, Nebula is an ingenious breed, unleashing the Warhol in most people. We invite anybody struggling with writer’s block or too little imagination to bring this breed to their own stash. Wrapping up it is a tide of euphoria and body-stone that generates endless bliss, giggles, and good times. It is not a social strain, but do not let this prevent you from discussing it with friends. For the medicinal individual, this strain is best for handling stress, pain, and depression.

Up to 16-18% THC

Flavours; Honey, Sweet, Earthy

Effects; Creative, Uplifted, Happy, Euphoric, Energetic

Medical; Stress, Fatigue, Pain, Depression, Nausea

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4 reviews for Nebula | Sativa

  1. Josh

  2. Carter

    Nebula is my all time favorite, since I have started taking it my depression and anxiety has gone. I feel happy and energetic! Highly appreciate for providing this stuff!

  3. Santiago

    Perhaps one of my all-time favorite varieties. It alleviates any sadness, tension, or worry you might be experiencing at the time; I’ve felt very relaxed in many instances.

  4. Jonah Blake

    I must confess that it’s one of the best varieties I’ve ever encountered. It is a decent strain. The the buzz is unbeatable. Beautiful!

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