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Jack Diesel | Sativa


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Jack Diesel

Jack Diesel, or JD, is a Sativa-dominant Hybrid cross among the legendary Jack Herer and NYC Diesel. As soon as you get your hands on it, then you will never want to let go.

Any strain that has the Jack Herer lineage is currently a celebrity. And while NYC Diesel on its own is not any slouch, Jack holds all of the cards. At first glance, the Jack Herer strain stands outside. Its tall buds are somewhat darker than a Jack Herer, and its own orange hairs too. Citrus and candy flavors jostle to your tastebuds, while the diesel flavor remains a fixture in the background. Exhaling its smoke also shows a hint of floral and woodiness. Speaking of smoke, then it is inclined to be about the other hand, ideal for people who have sensitive throats.

If you want a clear-headed, creative and energetic high, then Jack Diesel is your guy.

Up to 21-23% THC

Flavours: Fruity, Diesel, Pungent

Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Euphoric, Creative, Uplifted

Medical Uses: Pain, Stress, Depression, Insomnia, Anxiety

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4 reviews for Jack Diesel | Sativa

  1. Matthew Charles

    This high leaves me pain and stress free through out the night and day I feel relaxed and happy with creative and uplifted mood! A five star for selling this!

  2. Ben Jason

    I’m feeling very invigorated and jubilant. It’s a healthy daytime pressure and it’s also good for mental health.

  3. Tommy Blake

    It has a very cool uplifting impact that is very euphoric and imaginative yet remaining mellow. It’s a decent morning pressure, but it’s much better throughout the day. Excellent pain reliever and appetite stimulant. It’s perfect for stress; I don’t feel any anxiety with this pressure, which surprised me. This is my favorite Sativas of all time.

  4. Frankie Benjamin

    “An incredible Sativa with a hazy smell. Its parent plants are the Sativa monster Jack Herer and another Diesel, making this the best of all worlds. An outstanding Sativa delivers a great uplifting energetic high!”

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