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Golden Pineapple

You have heard of the Golden Coast and Golden Kiwis, However what about Golden Pineapple? A totally balanced hybrid with components Indica and Sativa genetics, Golden Pineapple is award straining that is renowned for its effectiveness. Having a title such as Golden Pineapple, tropical tastes definitely dominate. Sour notes of petrol, gas, and walnut make their presence known too, however, the flavor profile supporting this excellent strain is tropical.

Equipped with an average THC content of 25 to 30%, that this breed packs a tropical punch. Golden Pineapple energizes, invigorates, and supplies creativity to people who partake in its candy smoke. Medically, users may expect relief from depression, anxiety, and stress in addition to a fantastic night’s sleep!

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  1. Allan

    I am an artist and need a lot of focus to be productive, so I try many things including medically endorsed highs. This Golden pineapple gives me relief from anxiety and supplies my brain with creativity so I can focus on my work and create something outstanding! Excellent strain!

  2. Sam Mathew

    This marijuana is a one-hit wonder! You’ll want plenty of this on hand for when you totally, definitely must be ripped out of your tiny head. It takes about 5 minutes and then it’s a long flight. I can’t tell you how many times I thought to myself, “Whoa, I am pretty Freaking high?

  3. Harley Reuben

    This golden gift has just arrived from Mungus. The beautiful fragrance struck me in the face as soon as I opened it up. The high is very gentle and soothing for a Sativa, but there is certainly intellectual intensity involved. Without a doubt, a fun strain to experiment with, and one I’d buy from the supplier too if it’s this consistent. A must-have recommendation!

  4. Harry Warner

    The bud looked sweet and pleasant, but with a strong kick in the throat that alerted you to the fact that it was something extraordinary. With a burst of exotic pineapple that fades as the burn starts, followed by steady breathing. Overall, an excellent procedure! It must be consumed in order to maintain inner harmony!

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