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Hybrid Icon Mungus
Grade: AAA

Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid


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Gelato is an Indica leaning hybrid strain developed by breeding Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Gelato is a notorious bud because of its delicious flavor and strong effects which are fueled by a THC level of about 20%. It’s stated that Gelato’s flavor is much like a candy sherbet, using fruity orange and blueberry notes. The odor is just as sweet, with a lavender, berry, citrus aroma which has a woody nose because the buds are divided. The buds themselves are inclined to be little but possess the thick and compact structure of several Indica strains. Vibrant orange pistils stick out against forest green leaves which are highlighted by shades of purple.

Flavours: Berry, citrus, lavender

Medical: Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue

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4 reviews for GELATO | HYBRID

  1. Glenn Hawk

    I suffer from a chronic back injury and sometimes I am unable to stand because the pain is unbearable. One of my Medical officers recommended me this great stuff for pain relief!… since then I have become a regular user of this medically-induced Gelato! Stay pain and anxiety free after taking it!

  2. Damian Silas

    Gelato is delicious. A strong drifting happy feeling. It’s a powerhouse, and I was elevated after only one bowl… It helped me to unwind. Always having talks and making everything feel so good. Amazing Stuff!

  3. Seth John

    I know it’s a strange point to make, but this pressure made me happy. But not in that sense. It gave me a positive feeling…about myself. Another mark for pressure scores increases consciousness should be added here. My first choice is here guys!

  4. Clark Butler

    This has quickly been one of my classics. It really doesn’t strike right away, but it delivers a heavy blow couple of minutes later. There’s a lot of euphorias and uplifted imagination. This is a good all-arounder for me because I feel happy and comfortable while still having enough energy to work. I can see this being useful for outdoor sports, entertaining, or just taking your head off problems!

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