Elevtd – Indica Ruby THC Chocolate Bar (320mg)


320mg THC Total per Chocolate Bar

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Indica Ruby THC Chocolate Bar from Elevtd are superior chocolates and confections which are crafted in tiny batches to guarantee they are in peak freshness once you have them. Our products do not need refrigeration. We recommend keeping your chocolate in a dry area at cool room temperature, away from heat or direct sun.

Indica Ruby THC Chocolate – INDICA CHILL

  • Produced from 100 g of specially chosen “ruby cocoa beans” out of Callebaut
  • Infused using Complete range Indica THC distillate
  • Emulsified using expert lab equipment to ensure an accurate 20 mg dose in each square
  • Best appreciated after work or before bed, our indica chill Is the Best companion for any wind down or regain
  • 320mg THC Total each Chocolate Bar


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