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Durban Poison | Sativa


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Durban Poison

This perfect Sativa originates in the South African port city of Durban. It’s gained notoriety worldwide because of its sweet odor and lively, uplifting consequences. Durban Poison is the best breed that will assist you remain productive through a hectic afternoon, when exploring the outside, or to give a spark of imagination.

Growers and concentrate fans will both delight in the oversize resin glands that make this breed an excellent alternative for concentrate extraction. The buds are both chunky and render a thick coating of trichomes on virtually all regions of the plant.

Flavours: Earthy, sweet, pine

Medical Use: Stress, depression, fatigue, pain, headaches

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4 reviews for Durban Poison | Sativa

  1. jackob

    To stay positive and stress and depression free its my all time favorite medication!

  2. Gibbs Bronson

    Durban Poison is an empowering, funky pure Sativa that is ideal for use during the day. This strain is quite interesting!

  3. Sabrina Hayden

    In vape intensify type, this is an above-average sativa for inflammation and anxiety reduction, muscle relaxation, and fatigue relief. I Will purchase again!

  4. Ethan Kane

    It is flawless!!! It gives you vitality and a lot of feelings of well-being; I was shocked because my body felt much better; if I get a microscopic rock in my foot, it will annoy me for a bit, but with DP you just feel fine in general. It also makes you laugh a lot and leaves you clear-headed; it’s not overpowering, the feel-good feelings last a long time!

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